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Lab: Integrated NanoMaterials Lab
Service: Broad-band Photoluminescence Characterization

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December 5, 2021 - December 11, 2021
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Broad-band Photoluminescence Characterization     Integrated NanoMaterials Lab
Quantity: 1     Usage Type: Essential    
Training Required: Yes     Training Level: 1     Training Service Type: aid/trainer required     Approval Required: Yes     Service Type: aid/trainer required
Description: For quick wafer emission characterization at room temperature -- Spectrometer: Acton SP2300 -- Wavelength range = Vis~2.5┬Ám -- Excitation 200mW 532nm laser -- Operation: Room Temperature -- Signal: SR830 Lock-in amplifier + femto-Watt detector
Reservation Details  -  Today's Date/Time: Dec 08 2021, 03:45 am
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