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Lab: BioPACIFIC Materials Innovation Platform
Service: TFS Spectra 300C (TFS) TEM/microED

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March 2024
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TFS Spectra 300C (TFS) TEM/microED     BioPACIFIC Materials Innovation Platform
Quantity: 1     Usage Type: Essential    
Training Required: Yes     Training Level: 1     Training Service Type: aid/trainer required     Approval Required: Yes     Service Type: self-service
Description: The Spectra 300C is a next-generation high-stability transmission electron microscope. The Spectra’s high brightness X-CFEG field emission gun offers high current in a focused electron probe for 4DSTEM acquisition. This tool is equipped with the latest software and hardware to enable rapid microED data collection at either room temperature or liquid nitrogen temperature. Key features: • 30, 60, 120 to 300 kV Alignments • C-TWIN Lens, Gap = 11 mm, Cs = 2.7 mm, Cc = 2.7 mm • X-CFEG Cold Field Emission Gun • Piezo and Motor Driven Computer-controlled Compustage • +/- 80o single tilt Gatan Elsa Cryo-Transfer holder • +/- 70/20o dual tilt analytical holder • +/- 70/20o dual tilt Gatan 915 Cryo-Transfer holder • STEM, Panther Detector, HAADF, iDPC • Ceta-D High Speed (4k x 4k, 40 fps) • 4DSTEM package • MicroED Package (small beam blocker) • S/TEM tomography package • Velox, image analysis software (TFS) • 5th Generation Octagon with fast kV changes Users are required to have at least 10 hours of previous experience on any modern TFS TEM with compustage in order to be qualified for Spectra 300C training.
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