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Lab: Electron Imaging Center for Nanosystems (EICN)
Equipment: Titan 80-300 TEM, Room B122

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February 2024
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Titan 80-300 TEM, Room B122     Electron Imaging Center for Nanosystems (EICN)
Quantity: 1     Usage Type: Essential    
Training Required: Yes     Training Level: 1     Training Service Type: aid/trainer required     Approval Required: Yes     Service Type: self-service
Description: The FEI Titan family currently offers the Titan 80-300 TEM, the world’s most powerful, commercially-available scanning transmission electron microscope. Titan is the next generation of a unique 80-300 kV range microscope with 1.34 Angstrom resolution. The Titan system is poised to bring electron microscopy into a new era by expanding boundaries and assisting scientists and researchers to achieve ground-breaking results in nanoresearch. This electron microscope is equipped with a S-TWIN lens.

Key features:

  • Alignments: 80, 200, 300 kV
  • Field Emission Gun (X-FEG)
  • Computer-controlled compustage
  • +/- 40o single tilt analytical holder (without cryobox)
  • +/- 40/20o dual tilt analytical holder (without cryobox)
  • +/- 70o single tilt tomography holder (without cryobox)
  • EDS (Oxford X-MaxN 100TLE 100 mm2 SDD for TEM)
  • Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy (STEM) with HAADF, DF4, DF2, BF detectors
  • High Resolution STEM (HRSTEM)
  • Cs=1.2 mm
  • Cc=1.4 mm
  • S/TEM tomography package
  • TIA, image analysis software (FEI)
  • Ultrascan, US1000 2K digital camera (Gatan) with Digital Micrograph GM3 software
  • Direct Electron DE64 Camera with 4DSTEM package
  • EPU-S software
  • SerialEM automatic data acquisition system (Version 4.1.0 beta)

Rates: Internal Academic rate: $70/hour; External Academic rate: $95/hour; Industry rate: $140/hour

You are required to have at least 10 hours of previous experience on any modern FEI TEM with compustage in order to be qualified for Titan S/TEM training. Instructions to become a user can be found here: EICN Become a User. Training can be requested by emailing If you do not receive a reply within 48 hours, you can email Matthew Mecklenburg ( to follow up.

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