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Center for Quantum Research (CQuaRe)

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Hong-Wen Jiang, Faculty Director
Alexandros Shailos, Technical Director

The Center for Quantum Research (CQUARE) is a comprehensive metrology and characterization facility for magnetic, spintronic and solid state research.

CQUARE laboratory explores fundamental transport phenomena of nanoscale systems as well as characterization of novel nanomaterials. The laboratory provides a wide variety state-of-the-art measurement instrumentation for nanoelectronic, spintronic and photonic devices.

The CQUARE lab is equipped with an Oxford Dilution Refrigerator (Kelvinox 400MX), a Physical Property Measurement System and a Cryogenic Probe Station that define the platform for experimental investigation of nanostructures. These equipments allow experiments to be performed in a temperature range between 300 K and 35 mK and magnetic field from 0 to 16 T along with a frequency range from DC to 50 GHz. In addition our facility provides an ideal experimental environment that suppresses electromagnetic noise (Faraday cage) and vibrations, one of the quietest labs in California to conduct such sensitive measurements.

For example, our lab aims to support research and development in characterizing new materials such as dilute magnetic semiconductors for magnetic switching, spin based field effect transistor for logic applications, spin wave logic for low power dissipation logic and new spin torque transfer memory for general purpose non-volatile memory.

The Center for Quantum Research facility in under construction and completion is expected by May 2009.