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Materials Lab at The Molecular Instrumentation Center (MIC)

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Ignacio Martini, MIC Associate Director with responsibility for Materials Instrumentation

The Materials Lab is part of the UCLA Molecular Instrumentation Center (MIC) core lab and provides materials instrumentation resources for the training of participating Materials Creation Training Program (MCTP) faculty and fellows along with others on campus in need of help characterizing materials.

The Materials Lab, the most recently created division of MIC, is equipped with digital sourcemeters, dynamic and static light scattering spectrometers, an impedance analyzer, spin coaters, sputterer, contact angle goniometer, differential scanning calorimeter, differential/thermal gravimetric analyzer, a variety of ovens and furnaces, optical microscope, several spectrophotometers (fluorescence, uv/vis/nir, FTIR), potentiostat/galvanostat, an AFM/STM; a SQUID magnetic properties measurement system, and an SEM, along with other supporting instruments.

This equipment is used in the MCTP lab course, "Materials Chemistry Laboratory" and for MCTP-related activities. When not being used for instruction, all the equipment is available for research projects.

For additional information about the equipment available, visit the Materials Lab of the Molecular Instrumentation Center.